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Jerusalem, Palestine time: (GMT+2) 23-08-2016

Call for Research Proposals

Within the framework of the project “Grassroots mobilization towards improved emergency responsiveness and slum upgrading in East Jerusalem”, targeting the areas which were cut out from the borders of Jerusalem Municipality after constructing the separation Wall in 2002, such as Kufar Aqab, Anata, Al ram, and Al Zaiem, implemented by ATF and in partnership with UN-Habitat and funded by Cities Alliance, The Arab Thought Forum is inviting consultancy proposals from qualified consultants engaged with development and planning issues to conduct the following assignment: ...
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A New Director of The Arab Thought Forum

I’m pleased to inform you that Ms. Naila Jwealis is the new General Director of the Arab Thought Forum. ...
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Coordinators workshop for the youth groups

Around 40 students from 13 villages of Ramallah met on Saturday April 26, 2014 to display their achievements on the issues that had advocate for the purpose of influencing to implement their initiatives, which in most cases have reached an advanced stage . ...
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Training sessions for youth groups networks

Approximately 130 students aged 15-17 years from various villages in Ramallah district completed a series of training workshops concluded during February - March 2014 under the title of " Youth networks of local youth to influence in the local councils ." ...
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Insurance against natural disasters

The snowstorm that hit the region in mid- December 2013 and its significant losses , especially in the agricultural and the industrial sectors was the subject for a discussion organized by the Arab Thought Forum on March 6, 2014 under the title " Insurance against natural disasters. Participants includes, the governor of Hebron , and representatives of the municipality , civil defense and police , and the ministries of agriculture , commerce and the national economy , public works , and a number of business and representatives of insurance companies . ...
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Newly married at risk in Jerusalem

Many young newlyweds were forced to emigrant from Jerusalem because the difficulty of finding housing, whether for rent or purchase at a reasonable price . There is a great responsibility and on the Palestinian National Authority to reduce the cost of the apartment for young couples and help on finding solutions to the problematic housing cost in Jerusalem as such solutions of housing is not available depending on the contractors alone , a strategic plan for housing must be developed to reduce the price of the apartment for affordable level . ...
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The proposed Israeli Economic Peace

A roundtable discussion held on 29 June 2013 on the proposed Israeli Economic Peace, the meeting held at the MAS, Ramallah, ...
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Possibilities of reducing the deficit in the balance of Palestinian external trade

The accumulated deficit in the balance of payments was the subject of a dialogue to diagnose its features and its impact on the economic situation in general and the community in particular, and how they can be addressed....
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Local elections: Do support the resumption of the democratic process?

The future impacts of holding the Palestinian local elections raised a number of observations and questions, including: transparency of local election, ...
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Opening debate on the Paris Economic Agreement

Possibilities of opening debate on the Paris economic agreement on light the local economic crisis, , were the focus of roundtable discussion, after reading a paper prepared by Mr. Abu Alaa “Ahmed Qurei” as his contribution to the ...
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Positive changes in local communities as a result of the Youth Advocacy Networks

Within several months, young students 17 years old succeed in convincing the local councils to make positive changes on their communities. 2 public gardens, shade for public parking, ...
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Prospects of the Egyptian Presidential Election

Prospects of the Egyptian Presidential Election on Palestine have been discussed by number of interested Palestinian politicians and academic including, PLC members and civil society activists. The aim was to analyze and discuss the results of the Egyptian presidential election ...
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(Youth Voting Network) 2010

Public understanding of the local elections and the electoral system planned for July 1, 2010 elections was the focus of the “Youth Voting Network” set up as public awareness working group consisting of youth females and males. The objectives was to ensure that ...
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Students Dropout in East Jerusalem

Over 500 students from Jerusalem schools were participated on a survey as part of a Need assessment study on the dropout situation in East Jerusalem, the final version was produced based on the Working Group feedback, as well as recommendations from ATF and CRS. ...
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Education reform in East Jerusalem: Addressing the drop-out problem 2012

This project is tackling the dropout phenomena in East Jerusalem schools, mainly those run by the Palestinian Ministry of Education, as well as private schools with an overall goal “To help at-risk youth through education reform, creating a system that is held accountable to public demands”. ...
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The Youth Advocacy Networks concluded their work

The Youth advocacy groups that was created in May 2011 with the mission to adopt and advocate for issues of local concern has concluded its work by end of APRIL 2012. Once formed, group members attended a 3-day group development training that builds their skills in project management, communication and advocacy, and mechanisms of social impact. ...
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The Arab Spring: between a frozen winter, blistering summer and withering fall

A meeting around the Arab Spring and its role and impact on Palestinian affairs was held, led by Mr. Abdul Rahman Abu Arafeh, and included participants from a wide array of political backgrounds as well as journalists and researchers. The meeting followed ...
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Workshop on Palestinian Investment Held by The Arab Thought Forum with Cooperation with the Palestinian Businessmen Association

The event was led by Mr. Abdul Rahman Abu-Arafeh with participants including Dr. Samir Abdullah, Mr. Mahmoud Al-Jaafari and Mr. Mohammad Al-Masrouji. Researchers ...
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The Arab Thought Forum Discusses Study on Social Movements

The Arab Thought Forum held a panel discussion to discuss a draft study on social movements In 11 January 2012, A number of important issues were raised including the need to reformulate the terms of relationships between social movements, grass-root economic activity, civil society and civil institutions, as well as NGO’s, ...


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