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Unity Government will Succeed in lifting Imposed Sanctions on the Palestiban People


The new unity government will succeed in lifting international donor sanctions on the PA, imposed after Hamas came to power in January 2006; the new Palestinian government provides every necessary step and meets all the necessary issues that provide a very good base to left the embargo on the Palestinian people and the Palestinian government. The government is indicating that not only that it is honoring the existing agreements but also it is honoring international law and international humanitarian law,

The Prime minister met on Monday with Norwegian deputy Foreign Minister Raymon Juhanson in Gaza city. During the meeting, the Prime minster briefed Juhanson on the latest developments in the Palestinian territories and the exerted efforts which led to the formation of the national unity government.

France said on Mar 20, 2007 it was in favor of resuming aid to the new Palestinian National Authority, French Foreign Ministry spokesman Jean-Baptiste Mattei said that France considered "direct financial aid to the new government should be resumed" and France is "currently defending that position with our European counterparts".

Already France last week said it would resume contacts between Foreign Ministers and invited the Palestinian Foreign Minister to visit Paris. Failing that, French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy vowed to visit counterpart Ziad Abu Amro in Palestine. Britain's Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett welcomed on March 20, 2007 the formation of a Government of National Unity in Palestine. Beckett told the House of Commons she hoped to "see it move clearly" in complying with the principles of non-violence, recognition of Israel and accepting previous agreements. Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn said the Israeli policy of "illegal settlements" and the controversial construction of the West Bank wall was a "major cause" of the problems between the two communities. The Foreign Secretary said "We do continue to have dialogue with the Israeli government to press them on the issue of settlements, which of course we opposed, and also on the wall". She said that the measures were "counter-productive" to the peace process.

The Quartet Principals discussed on MARCH 21, 2007 the situation in the Middle East, and in particular the establishment of a Palestinian National Unity Government. The Quartet expressed hope that the establishment of a new government on 17 March 2007 would help end intra-Palestinian violence and ensure calm. It also reaffirmed its previous statements with regard to the need for a Palestinian government committed to nonviolence, recognition of Israel and acceptance of previous agreements and obligations, including the Roadmap, and encouraged progress in this direction. , agreeing that the commitment of the new government in this regard will be measured not only on the basis of its composition and platform, but also its actions.

The Committee expressed its expectation that the unity government will act responsibly, demonstrate clear and credible commitment to the Quartet principles, and support the efforts of President Abbas to pursue a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, thereby achieving the peace, security, and freedom the Israeli and Palestinian people desire and deserve. "The Quartet reiterated the continuing need to coordinate and mobilize international assistance in support of the Palestinian people, and endorsed the continuation of the Temporary International Mechanism (TIM) for a three-month period while it evaluates the situation and the international community works to develop a more sustainable international mechanism for support to the Palestinians," said a statement by the Committee.

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