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Strategic Planning Work Shop

The Civic Coalition for Defending the Palestinians Rights in Jerusalem organized a workshop on February 14th, 2007. The strategic plan focused on human rights violated by Israel in East Jerusalem, primarily, education, residence and other economic and social rights.

The goals for the plan are:
1.Create awareness at the local and international level of Jerusalem as a Palestinian city.
2. Confront the Israeli violations of the International Humanitarian Law and the international standards for human rights.
3. Increase Jerusalemites self dependency in cooperation with their organizations.
4. Promote educational services in Jerusalem.
5. Secure suitable housing rights in Jerusalem.
6. Create a reference authority with the backing of Arab and international community on Jerusalem issues.

The participants came up with several recommendations including; Establishing a ministry of Jerusalem, Presenting the strategic plan to the Palestinian Authority and other interested entities, Establish a fund to respond to Jerusalem‘s needs, activate a system of quarters committees, establish a network of NGOs and governmental organizations to help the Palestinians solve their problems and raising awareness among Palestinians on their economic, political, social, and civic rights through advocacy campaigns.

The Coalition is composed of sixteen civil organizations working in Jerusalem and the work shop was attended by fifty institutions.

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