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Call for mutual understanding between Fateh and Hamas

Leaders of several Palestinian parties and the Palestinian community call for an immediate understanding between Hamas and Fateh. The call came in a round table meeting organized by the Arab Thought Forum (ATF) on November 1st, 2006 in which leaders from most Palestinian Parties attended including Fateh and Hamas.

The meeting was organized to critique the Palestinian performance during the last ten months. Abdel Rahman Abu Arafeh, the Arab thought Forum director, declared that the current situation is a result of many mistakes made by the main parties, he further accused elements of the international community of standing against the Palestinian people in disregarding the results of the Palestinian elections.

Mr. Hassan Khrisheh the deputy speaker of Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) accused each party of trying to shift blame to the other. Azzam Al Ahmad head of the Fateh group in the PLC blamed Hamas for the deterioration. Wasfi Kabaha a Minister of the HAMAS government called for concentrations on issues of mutual understanding rather than concentrations on points of difference. Khalida Jarrar a PLC member representing the PFLP expressed his disappointment at the fact that there are two different programs governing Palestinian Politics.  Qais Abdel Kareem, PLC member representing the DPFLP, expressed his view by calling for an acceptable solution based on acknowledging the PLO as the sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinian people and forming a government of national unity as the only means to overcome the international siege.

The meeting is the third during the last few months organized by ATF in order to assist in exploring means to bring about an escape from the current crisis. The participants request the Arab Thought Forum to initiate process in this regard.

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