The Arab Thought Forum (ATF) is committed to the belief that state structures must be developed to serve and be responsive to an active and critical public, which is conscious of its obligations and duties, as well as its rights and entitlements

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Support the Citizen Right Advocacy Forum in East Jerusalem

This project was designed to complement and to strengthen the Citizen‘s Advocacy Forum, a coalition of human rights service organizations in East Jerusalem, established in 2006 by the Welfare Association, with support from the government of Norway and welfare Association. Membership was made through self-selection of the NGO‘s. The Purpose of the Forum is to improve the quality, access and delivery of needed services for East Jerusalem residents by the human rights organizations in the areas of rights education and advocacy.

The seven organizations have formed a steering Committee as the executive of the forum and have agreed to meet regularly to discuss issues, share resources and initiate joint advocacy and education activities. The eight organizations are each specialized in a particular area of human rights, and serve different but overlapping constituencies.

Purpose: To improve the quality and relevance of legal and human rights services provided to citizens in East Jerusalem.

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