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A petition from the civil society institutions working in Jerusalem submitted to the following:

1- The United Nations – Office of the Secretary General 
2- the Arab League Council – The Office of the Secretary General
3- The Islamic Conference Organization
4- The international Organizations

Since the first day of the Israeli-US aggression on Palestine and Lebanon, the government of the occupation state has continued to commit massacres against innocent civilians and this ugly massacre committed against our people in the town of Qana in South Lebanon, which shall be added to the series of hideous massacres and crimes that this state committed and will commit under the umbrella and even the actual participation of the US Administration. Moreover, and in light of the Arab collaboration and silence and amid total international incapacity to halt the aggression and to protect the civilians at least, the Israeli government, through clear public statements from its officials, feels it has been licensed to continue committing the ugliest crimes of this century against innocent civilians and destroying the infrastructure in Lebanon and Palestine and using the Lebanese and Palestinian territories as experimental fields to test the US and Israeli most advanced and fatal arsenal in the world.

The operation of capturing the Israeli soldiers was used by the occupation government as a pretext to launch its pre-set aggression in order to impose the American-Israeli solutions in the Middle East region and as a way to force the peoples resisting the Israeli occupation to surrender. This episode came comes in the context of the continuous struggle of the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance to end the Israeli occupation of the Lebanese and Palestinian territories towards achieving freedom and independence. The captured Israeli soldiers are only the tool of the crime that Israel is committing and a witness to those ongoing crimes and massacres.

We, as Jerusalemite religious, popular institutions and NGOs and national forces and figures would like to affirm the following:

- We denounce and condemn this ugly massacre and all previous massacres and crimes and all future crimes that will be committed against the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples. 
- We stress on the right of the Lebanese people to continue with their brave resistance to liberate the Lebanese territories and to liberate the prisoners from the Israeli prisons and to confront the Israeli aggression that continues against Lebanon and its people. 
- We denounce the international helplessness in front of the aggression inflicted on Lebanon and incapacity to provide protection to the civilians and the double standards used when dealing with the Israeli aggression. 
- We demand from the international community to issue an immediate ceasefire resolution to end the acts of aggression against Lebanon and Palestine. 
- We denounce the US position totally biased to Israel which makes the US Administration a full accomplice in the aggression and all its resultant crimes and atrocities. 
- We denounce the Arab official silence and collaboration regarding the aggression and to demand an effective and responsible position. 
- We hold the government of occupation and the US Administration full responsibility for what is happening in Lebanon and Palestine in terms of killings and destruction and to demand to bring the Israeli officials in front of war crimes tribunals.       
- We denounce the incompetent position of the Arab League which is not capable of taking any position to prevent the attacks against the governments and peoples of the member states in the League.  
- We demand an international investigation commission to look into the Israeli massacres against the civilians in Palestine and Lebanon.
- We stress that the UN‘s term of reference is the UN Charter and the international law and the human rights charters and not the international political consensus. 

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