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US veto in the UN Security Council authorizes Israel to continue killing


July 14, 2006

The United States vetoed the draft law presented to the United Nations Security Council. It called on Israel to stop its aggression against the Palestinian people and release Palestinian government officials from Israeli jails.
The draft also called on Palestinians to release the captured Israeli soldier. By exercising its veto power in the case of itself and Israel, America expressed its consent for all of the criminal practices perpetrated by the Israeli government.
 The People’s Party said Friday that the Security Council should act against Israel to stop the unjust aggression on the Palestinian people and respect the rules of international humanitarian law, including the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, issued in 1949. It also stated that Israeli must refrain from using violence against the civilian population.
In at statement the Palestinian political party emphasized that the Security Council‘s silence on Israeli crimes demeans the Security Council’s credibility. “It proves that it is not neutral in dealing with current events in the world, particularly in the case of Israel.” The tiny occupying nation I s second only to the US in contravening international law.

SOURCE: Palestine News Network

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