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Round Table Discussions convened in 2001

Political Issues that were addressed in the year 2001


Main Speakers

Palestinian Political Parties & Future Political Prospects

13 November 2001

13 November 2001

Marwan Albarghothe, Hasan Yosef, Saleh Ra eft, Qayes Abu Layla, Abedel Rahem Malouh, Ahmad Sa adat,Wasel Abu Yosef, Ahmad Magdalanee

The Political Situation and the Peace Process, Current challenge

13 November 2001

Present were Chief of PRCS in Gaza, Dr. Haider Abdel Shafi, Ibrahim Ghabash, lecturer, political science “ Al Azhar University, Abdel Karim Ashour, PARC, Gaza.

Special paper by Dr. Abdel Shafi was prepared and it was published on the ATF Periodical Journal.

Palestinian Factions and Current Political Issues

13 Nov 2001

Representatives of the main political factions participated including: Marwan Barghouthi / Fateh, Hassan Yousef / Hamas, Saleh Ra fat / Fida, Qais Abu Laila / DFLP, Abdel Raheem Malouh / PFLP, Ahmad Sa dat / PFLP (speech read by one of the participants), Wasel Abu Yousef, Ahmad Majdalani/Popular Struggle Front, Representatives of other political factions

Developing Palestinian Health Services

7 Nov 2001

Delegation from the Parliament of South Africa

15 July 2001

Abdel Rahman Abu Arafeh (ATF), Muhammad Abu Hartiah (Al-Haq), Sae ed Zidani (PICCR), Khaleda Jarar (Al-Dameer), Ahmad Sayyad (Mandela) Ahmad Rwiedy (CRC)

Meeting with Jerusalemite Journalists

8 July 2001

Pharmaceutical Industry 7 July 2001

The debate included Walid Obeid Allah, (General Directed, Ministry of Health), and Mohammad Masruji, Head, Union of drug factories, in addition to 8 telephone participants

Monitoring of Settlement Activities

26 June 2001

26 June 2001

Among the participants were Qais Abdel Karim (Democratic Front), Bishara Daoud (PLC Member), Marwan Bourghouti (PLC Member), Khalil Toufakji (Settlements Expert), Sa eb Nassar (Ramallah Governaret), Salah Hanieh (Meftah).

Evaluation of Intifada

5 May 2001

5 May 2001

This meeting was attended by Abdel Raheem Malouh(PFLP, Political Office), Marwan Borghouti (Fateh), Ahmad Ghneim (Fateh), Bassam Salhi (People Party), Rakad Salem (Arab Front), Ghassan Khatib (People Party), Ahmad Majdalani (Struggle Front), and Hanan Ashrawi (PLC Member).

Rehabilitation of the Handicapped

24 April 2001

24 April 2001

Palestinian Human Rights Organizations

10 February 2001

10 February 2001

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