The Arab Thought Forum (ATF) is committed to the belief that state structures must be developed to serve and be responsive to an active and critical public, which is conscious of its obligations and duties, as well as its rights and entitlements

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Conferences and Symposia convened in 2002

ATF initiated a group of discussion activities aiming at providing a democratic forum to all levels of Palestinian decision-makers, including Palestinian National Authority officials, independents and opposition parties. Critical issues are discussed and analyzed in these forums, while findings and important recommendations are disseminated to all concerned parties


Main Speakers

The Current Needs and Conditions in Beit Hanoun

10 September 2002

Ibrahim Tawfiq Hamad (Mayor in Beit Hanoun), Sufyan Mussa Hamad (Municipality Director General), Salah AlSaqqa (ATF), representatives of different Ministries.

Youth Participation in the Democratic Formation Process

15 August 2002

Zeinab AlWazir (Head of Education Ministry activities), Salah AlSaqqa (ATF), Mohammed Hanjouri (Head of Education in Gaza), Basima AlQudwa (Head of Education), Nabil Tarazi (ATF Board of Trustees member)

Lawful Assistance during Detention & Interrogation (Torture)

27 March 2002

Abed el Gabar Borkan, Jwana Obederan, Khaleda Jarar, Sharef Shabaneh, Tawfek Herz-Allah, Ibrahim Azim, Khalel Karajeh, Jamal Alkhateb, Tarik Kindah, Ahmad Al-Saiad, Khaled Albatrawe, Najah Dukmak, Khadr Rasras, Faten Boleveya, Iyad Hadad, Mahmoud Sohwael, Najat Amro, Ahmad Rowayde, Nasr Yacoub

People with Special Needs

26 March 2002

Mohammad Alomare, Mohammad Abu Na jeh, Kulayb Mesha l, Khawlah Abu Khalel, Fouad Hamdan, Dr. Hassan Abeed, Moaen D eas, Rbah Jbr, Dr. Talal Abu Afefah, Maher Zahayka, Najat Alorayde, Bothaynah Salem, Nezar Bslat, Monther Nasr-Allah, Zeyad Amro, Ribhe Katamesh, Nadia Habash, Mohammad Aliysa, Ahmad Rowayde, Najat Amro, Nasr Yacoub

Victims of House Demolitions

12 February 2002

Yaser Jradat, Maged Sawalha, Mahmoud Abedel Rahman, Sami Sabbah, Abdel Raheem Taha, Iman Abedel Hamed, Ranya Nassar, Salah Hanieh, Sami El-Kharmach, Zo abe Quteet, Omar Jobran, Jihad Harb

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