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The Use of Torture

Meetings on the issue of torture during 2002

Despite the sensitivity of this subject, the Arab Thought Forum (ATF) has chosen to shed light on the issue of torture and push for the adoption of a law that controls the performance of security apparatuses during detention and interrogation. There is an absence of adequate controls to measure the performance of security establishments and the authorities responsible for their activities.
The need for a law that protects the dignity of people has driven the ATF to become actively involved in the bill for punitive actions. Of special importance was section 13 of the bill dealing with the banning of torture.
The project was carried out with full coordination with the Mandela Institute for Human Rights. It entailed:
¢  Preparing a database on torture.
¢  Issuing a report entitled Legal requirements during detention and interrogation.
¢  Amending section 13 of the punitive law in reference to torture.
¢  Holding a workshop to discuss the report and propose amendments to section 13 of the punitive law.
ATF s follow-up during the course of the year has generated discussion within official and NGO circles, stressing the need to ban torture. These discussions can contribute to the reform of the security establishment and emphasize the need to define legal, legislative and rehabilitation procedures. Furthermore, the PLC needs to be supported in developing legislation, especially in areas concerning the right to life and dignity.

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