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Pullout support dropping


Two Israeli polls earlier this month showed that supportfor the disengagement dropped to around 50 percent from about two-thirds a few months ago. Opposition has risen from 27 percent to 38 percent.
In an effort to dull opposition to the evacuation, the government approved a plan earlier this week offering Gaza settlers plots of real estate on land near the Nitsanim sand dunes. Lying just north of the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon, the area is attractive to settlers because of its proximity to the sea.
But as long as pullout opponents can push the boundaries of the law by fomenting clashes with soldiers and blocking highways, a cloud will remain over the disengagement as well as Israel s democracy, say observers.
"Most of the public is being put to the test now, and they can t fail," says Yair Orbach, who lectures soldiers on why he opposes refusal even though he disagrees with the disengagement. "The price is the dismemberment of Israeli society."
Source: The Christian Science Monitor

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