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Fateh invites a unity government and announces PLC elections date


President Abbas has asked the Hamas party to join the government even before the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip is complete. Prime Minister Qureia already said that when they return from the Fateh Central Committee three-day meeting in Amman, they would begin negotiating about a unity government.
Qureia said that we are in a very sensitive and dangerous period, so everyone must handle their responsibilities, taking them quite seriously in these moments. The Central Committee also announced late last night that the postponed PLC elections should be held before 20 January.
All have commented, from the leftists to the Islamic parties. Jamil Majdilowi from the leftist PFLP political party told PNN, According to the unity government idea, this invitation is the correct way to deal with the Palestinian citizens. But as for the decision taken by the Fateh Central Committee to hold elections before 20 January, this is a decision that is the subject for all the Palestinian people and parties to discuss.
Mahmoud Zahar of Hamas told PNN, The invitation to join a unity government must be studied by Hamas. As for the subject of Fateh setting a new set date for the PLC elections they postponed. Zahar said, Fateh just made this decision on the subject by themselves. For this it s not good.
From Islamic Jihad, leader Khalid Al Batch told PNN from Gaza, This invitation to join a unity government is welcomed by the Jihad movement, but certainly we would not even consider joining the government as it stands now in this period of time.
Source: Palestine News Network (PNN).

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