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Israeli Police failed to arrest Jews attacked Palestinian youth


Knesset (Israeli Parliament) Member (MK) Zehava Gal slammed the Israeli police s failure to arrest the Jews who attacked Palestinian youth in the Muwassi area of the Gaza Strip. Haaretz Israeli daily reported on Saturday that the suspects, whose images were broadcast repeatedly in the national press, illustrates the failure of Israeli authorities to maintain control over the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Meretz-Yahad MK Yossi Sarid appealed to Israeli Forces Chief of Staff Dan Halutz and Israel Police Commissioner Moshe Karadi to explain why the suspects have still not been arrested. Sarid asked how it is possible that the Israeli Forces, the Shin Bet security service and the police are able to arrest wanted Palestinians inside the West Bank city of Ramallah yet are unable to track down and arrest the Israeli Jewish suspects in the Muwassi beating, according to the daily. "I don t remember much," Ziad Majaida, 18, said after the attack. "Just that Ami the security officer [apparently a member of Neveh Dekalim s security department] was lying on top of me and protecting me. I fainted after being hit in the head by a stone, and woke up in Khan Yunis," he said
Source: (WAFA)

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