The Arab Thought Forum (ATF) is committed to the belief that state structures must be developed to serve and be responsive to an active and critical public, which is conscious of its obligations and duties, as well as its rights and entitlements

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Democratic Formation in Palestine Project

The Democratic Formation in Palestine initiative began in 1998. The report consists of an annual coverage and analysis on the status of democracy in Palestine that covered the time period from January 1st through December 31st. The initiative has been an ongoing project since 1998 and has produced seven consecutive reports. The report provides an independent comprehensive analysis of actions and activities influencing the state of governance and democracy in Palestine.

The seventh annual report of Democratic Formation in Palestine was published in both Arabic and English in June 2005. Usually the report would be discussed at public meetings, but it was not possible to convene this meeting last year due to the siege and the prevailing security conditions. Nevertheless, the annual report still enjoys appreciation in official, NGO and media circles. It is worth noting that the analysis and conclusions of the six previous reports have underlined the need for the reforms that were launched in 2002. The reports specified the needs for reform and the mechanisms to deal with the situation long before the matter was put on a priority level

The overall objective of this project is to detect major trends reinforcing or weakening the process of democratic formation in Palestine by monitoring and analyzing the performance of public and civil society institutions, developing conclusions and recommendations and disseminating the outcome in a comprehensive annual report on the state of governance and democracy in Palestine.

The project:

  • Target all groups, governmental and non-governmental, that contribute to bringing about any changes to democratic development in Palestine .
  • Monitor and evaluate the actions and activities of these groups.
  • Provide a framework that highlights and assesses the effect and influence of these groups on governance and democracy.
  • Analyze activities, identifies trends, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and develop conclusions and recommendations to provide a wide range of specific and quantitative information included in various tables and annexes to the report.
  • Raise awareness by publishing and disseminating Periodic Reports, Annual Reports, and conducting meetings to present and review the findings.
  • Offer a credible source of information to decision-makers, researchers and organizations and individuals involved in governance, democracy and reform in Palestine and contribute to the historical record of the Palestinian people.

The Arab Thought Forum‘s Annual Report on Democratic Formation in Palestine is recognized as an important monitoring tool and record of state building, and is considered a credible resource for Palestinian researchers, decision-makers, advocates for social change and reform as well as concerned parties from the international community.

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