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Newly married at risk in Jerusalem

Many young newlyweds were forced to emigrant from Jerusalem because the difficulty of finding housing, whether for rent or purchase  at a reasonable price . There is a great responsibility and on the Palestinian National Authority to reduce the cost of the apartment for young couples  and help on finding solutions to the problematic housing cost in Jerusalem as such  solutions of housing is not available depending on the contractors alone , a strategic plan for housing must be developed  to reduce the price of the apartment  for affordable level .

The problem were reviewed in round table covers three axes : the nature of the problem , the factors that lead to a rise apartments cost, and the support facilities. The status of Jerusalem is different from other areas where the Israeli occupation authorities impose unjust laws on the residents of Jerusalem so as to force them to emigrate from Jerusalem. Examples of tax optimization contrast Israelis in West Jerusalem. In addition to construction costs, as well as the expensive taxi factor in addition to other taxes and building permit.

The participants conclude:

•  National body must be found to embrace the problem of housing in Jerusalem, without this the housing situation will remain problematic for young couples.

• Strategic  plan for housing in Jerusalem with a vision for the future must be in place

• Proposals must be suggested aimed at finding a solution for the problem of housing crisis in Jerusalem.

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