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The Art Exhibition; Colorful Journey


The Arab Child Foundation, Isaf Nashashibi House of Culture and Arts, and the Fine Artists Club; hosted on 9.8. 2012, the first personal exhibition of the known writer, researcher and thinker, Abdel Rahman Abu Arafeh. The exhibition; "colorful Journey" contained collection of paintings that present Jerusalem and other Palestinian regions.
Selection of national and intellectuals figures of Jerusalem and a number of artists, and amateur youth artists and citizens of the city attended and participated in the opening. The Archbishop Atallah Hanna in an opining remark said”, "These art exhibitions and cultural activities of resistance style are address occupation measures conducted by Israeli forces against the holy city at all levels, including the cultural and artistic, accordingly, we support all activities that would revive the cultural life art in Jerusalem. The role of institutions of Jerusalem in support of culture Jerusalem and its embrace of talent able and young, He add: ‘seeing the case of autism and harmony deep among members of society located behind each activity in the city Union institutional meet for the completion and success of the activity, and this is what we hope to continue in Jerusalem and the nation.
 “Abu Arafeh art work is considered a symbol of the national work in Jerusalem; his known career is full with successes and accomplishments inside and outside the homeland, now adding other tool represented by beautiful, wonderful fine art to his continued struggle”.
For his part, President of the Fine Artists Club Jerusalem, Malik Zablah said that, the exhibition is part of a series of exhibitions hosted by the club for artists’ members and honorary members,
Mr. Abdel Rahman Abu Arafeh, this time as an artist explained the meaning of the paintings, and said that the exhibition contains more than 50 oil colors paintings that embody the Palestinian nature and heritage with special attention on Jerusalem, referring to the impressionist paintings style and to the importance of opening of his first exhibiting in the city of Jerusalem, where previously he participated in several group exhibitions and art auctions with Palestinian artists. He added: ‘All the paintings were produced during the last eighteen years in which the impressionistic style reflecting the nature of the Palestinian landscape and heritage with significant interest in Jerusalem The exhibition continued until the September 14, 2012.

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