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Gaza exposes the world order


January 10, 2009,

 Gaza exposes the world order Dr. Saeb Shaath* It is Genocide. The Israeli total war on Gaza cannot be defined as a war, since the Gaza Strip is under the Occupation of Israel, even though if the Fascist Leaders of Israel keep saying that they run away from Gaza in 2005. Why then do they besieged it from sea and air, and enforce a blockade and a total siege, which was supported for the last year and half by USA and the EU? What taking place is genocide? The Iraqi scenario repeating itself in GAZA, a long siege and a blockade, followed by massive shock and air bombardments, for days, while the propaganda machine demonizing the enemy,Iraq before the American occupation became possessing the 4th strongest Army in the world! Gaza on the other hand became a huge threat to world peace and stability, by firing their home-made primitive rockets protesting the occupation, the siege, the killing fields by remote controlled tanks and drones, the denial of necessities of life! Israel has an occupation force whose drones monitoring even the Gazans visits to the toilets, as my Irish friend ˜Daniel Teegan, says Hamas is the expression of Gazan despair. On the other hand Israel have huge numbers of spying satellite systems, nukes and endless arsenal of secrete WMDs, we witnessed live on TV, some depleted uranium weaponry in action as Gazans and International doctors informed the media . Moreover, Israeli Military Attack on Gaza Civilians With cluster and White Phosphorous Bombs, in Violation of the Geneva Conventions. Gaza hospitals are full of children women babies and men bodies that have no eyes!... Why do the USA, provides White Phosphorous Bombs to Nazi Israel. The Israeli government in 2006 have admitted that it used controversial phosphorous bombs during its 34-day war campaign in Lebanon. Saying that, leads us to one conclusion: who waged the war on Iraq and Lebanon are doing so right now on Gaza. Israel is not alone in this decimating war on Gaza, the Arab and Muslim masses already reached to such belief. The statements of G W Bush, the silence of the messenger of hope and change Obama and the support offered to Israel by the amateur Czech Presidency of The EU confirms that conclusion. The western powers Imbedded Israel agenda within the Security Council resolution 1860, topping that up with the French attitude in the UN Security Council, and their delaying tactics, which was exposed at the UN; it showed clearly that Palestinians lives means nothing to the French diplomacy. Uncovering the security arrangements in the Arab World Arab leaders failed miserably to acknowledge the implications of Gaza Genocide on their national security. The Turkish intervention demonstrated clearly the total inability and absences of the official Arab system, on the local, regional and international level. The Security Council 1860 resolution is in fact no more than face- saving PR exercises to show up Arab foreign ministers can exert pressure on the United States and the EU. Western powers responded to Arab demands, what a pathetic comical image. That comedy show at the UN with Arabs foreign ministers, behaving like real men, signalling to their compatriots that they are actually saving them, those Arab officials and their regimes have been saved by these pathetic miserable western theoretical acts, from the shoes firing line, for now. Dont they get what is the meaning behind the US abstaining (a resolution with no weight), the price Arabs paid for that sad fact is more Palestinians bloodletting. That disgusting and cold-blooded western behaviour, confirmed the real security arrangements in the Arab world, with its official Arab puppets blessings, Israel is their real head of the Arab league, it is their regimes safeguard and protector, but against whom, who is the enemy here?


* Writer, thinker, public speaker on Middle Eastern affairs and a former diplomat. He is the co-founder of Irish Map (Medical Aid for Palestine).


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