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The National and Religious institutions mourne the death of abu kamel Al-kurd

It is with great sorrow that we announce the news of the death of Mohammad Kamel Mohammad Khalil El Kurd (Abu Kamel) at 22 hours on Saturday November 22, 2008, following a massive heart attack at St Joseph hospital in East Jerusalem.
 His death came in the wake of the brutal Israeli Police eviction from his house in Sheikh Jarrah. He was dragged from his chair, where he was ridden most of the time as he was half paralyzed, and thrown brutally by the Israeli Police in the court yard of his neighbor’s house at 3.30 in the morning of Sunday November 9, 2008.
 Immediately after his eviction and that of his wife from their house, his health deteriorated dramatically and he had to be hospitalized at St. Joseph‘s in Jerusalem.  Although he received the best medical care possible, the trauma Abu Kamel suffered as a result of the eviction and of finding himself and his family
homeless for the second time was too strong for his weak and ill body. 
 Abu Kamel suffered a severe heart attack and died in his sleep.
 May he find peace in the life hereafter – a peace he did not know in his earthly life.

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