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Computer Literacy for Blind University Students - 2nd Phase

In cooperation with the Welfare Association and Al Quds Open University, this project aims to establish two specialized computer centers for blind university students in Palestine, providing services previously unavailable in the West Bank.† This expansion of services to blind students will enable them to expand their career prospects, benefit from computer and technological advancements, and more fully develop their potential.† Initially, twenty visually impaired persons will take part in training at the centers in Jenin and Hebron. It is hoped that the centers will be enlarged and expanded over time in order to serve a greater number of clients.

The project were lunched in mid 2004 and completed in July 2005, the current report covers accomplishment during 2005. Recently upgrading for the two centers and a new center will be established in Ramallah.

This project is considered an advanced practical step for the Arab Thought Forum in serving those with special needs, following several initiatives within a theoretical framework which the ATF had already undertaken in their interest.†

ATF was awarded an insignia from Al Quds Open University in appreciation for its endeavors in this regard.


Tens of students and other beneficiaries from the local community benefit from these centers. Professor ĎAmer expressed his aspiration for the consolidation of this cooperation and partnership in future projects. support educational institutions and commending previous cooperation, which had resulted in the establishment of two computer labs for the blind, one in Jenin and another in Hebron.


A Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation between al-Quds Open University and the Arab Thought Forum was signed at al-Quds Open University premises on the 26th of September 2007 to establish a computer lab for the blind at the al-Quds Open University, Ramallah Educational Center. The project will be funded by the Welfare Association.


The establishment of a new center for blind students in Ramallah expansion of their services through offering courses and training which targets the blind within the local community and not only university students.


opened wide prospects for the blind to advance their studies and has provided them with the opportunity to gain awareness and knowledge.

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