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Strengthening the Transparency and Accountability of Local Government

The project implemented during 2007/2008 aims at strengthening the transparency and accountability of the Palestinian local government. The project is implemented in partnership with AMAN
The objectives of the project are:

1. To promote and facilitate the development and implementation of transparent financial and administrative models and to adapt them to different types and size of local governments in Palestine.
2. Facilitate and promote the development of anti-corruption Codes of Conduct and Ethical Mandates for local government representatives (elected council members and the mayors) and employees.
3. Conduct a promotional campaign to support the aforementioned activities.
4. Promote and facilitate the development of an appropriate complaints system model for receiving and processing complaints from the public in one municipality and two local councils.
5. Facilitate local government employee training in ethical and professional behavior in providing services to the general public.

The accomplished results include:

a. Promoting the development of anti-corruption Codes of Conduct for local governments.

The Code of Conduct for the Local Councils was issued and signed by representatives of many local types of council during a ceremony organized by AMAN on December 12th, 2006; Preparation and drafting took place during two workshops conducted in September and November in Ramallah and Gaza.
b. Transparent financial and administrative models:
Two reports have been completed; a)  Deviations of the current applied system from the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability (42 pages) and b) An analytical report on the status of the targeted councils as compared with the standard (13 pages).

c. System for citizen complaints
A draft for the complaints system has been issued on December to be used by the Palestinian local councils in which citizens would have secure channels to present their claims on the performance of their council. Several Workshops and meetings organized in cooperation with AMAN coalition and the Association of Palestinian Local Authorities (APLA). The Code of Conduct was signed by more than 100 councils and a wide number of members and officials.

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