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Hamas controlling Gaza, so what?


Shameful fighting has resumed in the Gaza Strip, between Hamas and Fatah. More than 400 people have been killed recently in the worst factional violence since Hamas won a parliamentary election last year. Fatah break with Hamas could divide the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the two territories Palestinians want for their state. Hamas's trademark green flags were later observed fluttering from the rooftop of the heavily fortified Preventive Security headquarters celebratory gunfire at the headquarters as mean of victory!!.

Hamas now is controlling many areas in Gaza. They call it the second liberation as if its really liberated trying to ignore the fact that the Israeli surrounding them in huge prison without any ability from Hamas against that. Abbas from his side dismiss the national unity government and announce state of emergency in Gaza and the West Bank, based on the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organisation recommendation.

The Mecca agreement led to Hamas bringing members of Fatah into a unity cabinet is no longer functioning, with the new government to be appointed by Abbas the country will be running by tow governments one in the West Bank and one in Gaza in addition to Jerusalem which is under the Israeli direct occupation.

The European Commission has suspended humanitarian aid to Gaza because of the factional fighting. "The humanitarian situation is catastrophic, we have had to withdraw our (aid) operators," said Louis Michel, European Aid and Development commissioner. This attitude represents the mentality of the external powers that they do not any role except for aid and collective punishment without really any constructive role.

Israel from its side seams to be ongoing the recent development, and also taking part of their continuous killing of the Palestinians.

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