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Hatred Incitement: “Militant Islam Monitor”

Academic freedom as a human right, is now under an attack attempting to restrict, pressure and intimidate opinions and the presentation of views with the aim to contain national sites and force them to left their free choice. The used methodology is based on what seams to be a “New Order” that go beyond boundaries.

The site; “Militant Islam Monitor” for example, a mysterious un-identified website claiming that it "provides informational arsenal necessary to take part in the struggle against militant Islam and terrorism" are misusing the rights to freedom of expression by using written communication, intimidation and other forms of tactical behaviors which measure as prejudice. The site uses hate speech to limit the free development of political discourse and degrade, intimidate and incite prejudicial action against Palestinian and other groups‘ opinions which do no correspond to their own.

As an open and transparent institution, the ATF and other free groups are able to curb such media and will continue on their firm standing and courage for the freedom of development of political discourse based on democratic principles, transparent and free discussion and has positive effects on democratic development publicising important knowledge. This is in contrast to the non compliance of the free media as indicated by the way such entities are using. Furthermore, such sites can not influence self-censorship nor limit the space of academic freedom to continue functioning as free institutions

The language of threat, harassment, assault and summary trial all are old bad tactics used only by this kind of mysterious underground entitiy.

It is worth reminding this kind of entity that the Criminal Codes specifically forbid inciting hatred against ethnic groups. Unfortunately, there was no way of establishing the identity of the administrators of the website, which by itself indicates a serious lack of credibility

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