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Special Photos Archive

Jerusalem - Maher Hanoun, sleeping in his car, and members of the family Gaoui sleeping in the street adjacent to their house, which expelled him and his settlers, Al-quds newspaper, August 7, 2009.

Jerusalem - furniture and the family homes of Hanoun Gaoui who dropped by the Israeli authorities in the court of Sheikh Jarrah, after the expulsion of families from their homes for the settlers, Al-Quds newspaper, August 2, 2009.

Jerusalem - altercations between solidarity and Arab and foreign members of a Hanoun family with Israeli troops yesterday in the family home of Sheikh Jarrah Hanoun, Al-Quds newspaper, August 2, 2009.

Bethlehem- Riots during football game at Al- kader Stadium near BethLehem, May 31,2009

Aida refugee camp - His Holiness the Pope, surrounded by his neck scarf Trzat Wallpaper Rock mosque and the Church of the Resurrection and the key return by Maha Sakka, director of Heritage Center in Bethlehem, by his father, David Blue and the oldest prisoner Khalid prisoner, Aida refugee camp since 19 years,14 May, 2009.

Rafah - man security of movement of Hamas walks near Israeli remainders of supplies used her the Israeli army in signed bombing near the borders with Egypt.

Jabalia- female students gathering near the wreckage of the Islamic university that was bombed by Israeli aircrafts.

[Beit lahya] - citizens afflicts prayer of Friday near wreckage of mosque destroys him the Israeli bombing.

Jabalya - citizens meets around the fire inside tent their sent down wreckage built near who the Israeli bombing demolished because of

Gaza - three brothers children killed by the Israeli troops on January 6th.

President Mahmoud Abbas during his meeting with the widow of the late Mohammed Al-Kurd which died after the Israeli authorities confiscated their home in Jerusalem, on 6 Dec 2008.

After the deporting of Al Kurd family from their house in Jerusalem, the Israeli occupation forces demolished even the tent of Um Kamel Al Kurd leaving her shelter less, 20 Oct 2008.

Israeli soldiers protect covered settlers while preventing Palestinians farmers from harp sting their olive trees, October 19, 2008.

Palestinian women in Acre wondering at her home which was damaged by Israeli riots in early October, 2008

Israeli occupation forces demolish the house of Abu Eisha. al-Quds Newspaper 28 July 2008.

A fuel truck carrying the flag of European Union upon arrival of the main power station near the Karni crossing. al-Quds Newspaper 20, June 2008.

The first American official leader stand tribute to President Arafat, Carter, wife Rosalynn lay wreath on Arafat's grave. al-Quds newspaper 15 April 2008.

Women cry after killing Shareif Shtayyeh by settlers car on there way to "Alon Morih" settlment, that is built on Nablus lands. al-Ayyam newspaper 8 April, 2008.

Armed explosion parts of the wall separating the border between Egypt and Gaza Strip. Wafa 23 Jan, 2008.

A Palestinian baby sleeps in the European Hospital in Gaza Strip January 20, 2008. Gaza's main power plant shut down completely on Sunday after Israel closed the borders of the Hamas-controlled territory and blocked fuel supplies, Palestinian officials said. REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa (GAZA)

Citizens looked at the house which was destroyed in the Israeli bombing on Khan Yunis. al-Quds Newspaper 4-1-2008.

Abu Radwan and foreigners musicians play quintet "Bach" in al-Kamandjati Association Square, in objection at preventing them from entering Gaza. al-Ayyam newspaper 17-12-2007.

Children cry during the funeral of a child was the victim of the unfortunate clashes. al-Quds Newspaper 20, October 2007.

Hundreds of settlers occupy Cotton Mountain "Abu Zarour Mountain" from the village of Artas, under the protection of Israeli occupation forces. al-Ayyam Newspaper 31 Sep, 2007.

Occupation soldiers prevented citizens from heading for the Friday prayers in Al-Aqsa Mosque in the month of Ramadan. al-Ayyam Newspaper 21 Sept, 2007.

Citizens visitation devastation left by the occupation forces in the homes of citizens in the Ein Beit Elmaa Camp, during the campaign, which lasted three days continuously. 21 Sept, 2007

Women pending the Rafah crossing carrying her baby in a rented apartment in al-Arish. al-Hayat newspaper July 16, 2007.

Photographer Emad Ghanem lying in hospital with his legs cut after shooting by the Israeli occupation force. al-Quds Newspaper 6 July, 2007.

Occupation forces arrested a number of citizens during the incursion in the Bureij camp. al-Hayat Newspaper July 6, 2007.

Citizen helps wounded photographer Imad Ghanem, during the Israeli army shooting him. al-Quds Newspaper 5 July, 2007.

Task of dance offered near the wall. al-Quds Newspaper 24 June, 2007.

Citizens houses burned in Gaza during the fights between Hamas and Fateh, 14JUNE 2007

Palestinian refugees left the camp to escape the clashes between the Lebanese army and the armed group "Fateh el-Islam". al-Quds Newspaper May 23, 2007.

Building damaged after clashes. 16 May, 2007.

Palestinian Najat al-Nadi (L) scuffles with an Israeli soldier after her son was detained by soldiers. 03 May 2007.

An Israeli soldier pointing a gun at a disable citizen during a demonstration protesting the separation wall. al-Quds Newspaper April 13, 2007.

Dog affiliated to the Israeli army attack Palestinian women near Bethlehem. March 21, 2007.

Prime Minister and Ministers of the government of Unity perform the constitutional oath before President Mahmmoud Abbas. March 16, 2007.

Israeli soldier arresting a handicapped Palestinian during peaceful demonstration in Bel'in near Rammallah. March 16, 2007.

Palestinian citizens waiting for the opening of Rafah crossing near Egypt, the crossing is repeatedly closed by the Israelis. Al-Quds newspaper March 6, 2007.

Israeli soldiers controlling Palestinian families during destroying there homes in Yatta south of Hebron.

Israeli soldiers inside al-Aqsa Mosque.

Tunnel under al-Aqsa Mosque has been created by the Israeli authority in clear violation for the international law. 3 February 2007.

A Palestinian militant moves a tire as he takes his position on a street in Gaza City on Friday. 2 February 2007.

Students Hold pictures of there martyr schoolmate Abeer Arameen "10 yrs" inside classroom, During her commemoration. Al-Quds Newspaper 21 Jan, 2007.

Ramllah- Israeli machines during the attack on 4 Nov,2006.

Nablus- Peoples trying to hide during gunfire exchange between Fateh and Hammas. Al-Quds newspaper 23 Dec, 2006.

Rafah Prime Minister Ismail Hanieh Sit on the road inside Rafah border waiting pass to Gaza. 14 Dec, 2006.

Gaza - Bodies of the three Childs brothers in the mosque before escorting them to the cemetery with joining of thousands of people. Al-Ayyam newspaper 12 Dec, 2006.

Gaza- conventual's Peter Dorty and sister Marie Gondek peace activist from USA sit with children's on housetop joint liability with people bulwark on it to prevent it from Israeli destroying. Alquds newspaper 23 November, 2006.

People grouping around Minaret of the Nasser Mosque after destroying the mosque by the Israeli occupation. Al-Hayat al-Jadida newspaper 8 November, 2006.

Mervat Massoud, A Palestinian women killed in beit hanoun on November 6, 2006. The martyr exploded herself in a group of Israeli soldiers which trying to invade her home. Other two women, Rawda Jaber (48) and Ibtsam Massoud (44) have been killed on November 3, 2006. by the Israeli occupation army while peacefully demonstrated against the Israeli latest crime in Gaza in which 56 Palestinian killed. 4 Nov, 2006.

Two Palestinian women have been killed during a stand-off near a Gaza mosque while they were trying to rescue about 60Palestinian men besieged inside. The Palestinian Information Center. 3 Nov, 2006.

Israeli soldiers and settlers blocking Palestinian farmers and preventing them from picking their olives. October 27, 2006

Hebron- A young settler throws the olives which palestinian citizens picked yesterday near "Tal Al Rmedh" Settlement. 27 oct, 2006- Alquds newspaper

A Palestinian boy runs in front a of burning vehicle after the killing of a commander of the Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in the Bureij refugee camp in Gaza Strip (Reuters photo by Mohammad Salem) October 23, 2006

Israeli Occupation Forces stopping Palestinian civilians at checkpoint, preventing them from entering Jerusalem for the Friday Prayer. Oct 20, 2006

Palestinians crossing over the separation wall to participate in Friday praying at Al Aqsa Mosque after denial access by the Israeli forces. October 13, 2006.

Relatives of a Palestinian of eight year old girl after she was killed by Israelis together with her father. During the day 8 Palestinian killed by the Israeli occupying forces. October 12, 2006

American activist Brian Avery from Chapel Hill, N.C., speaks to reporters before a hearing in his case at Israels Supreme Court in Jerusalem in this Feb. 28, 2005, file photo. Israels Supreme Court on Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2006, called on the army to respond to accusations that it did not properly investigate the case of Avery, who accused Israeli troops of shooting and seriously wounding him in the West Bank three years ago without provocation. (AP Photo/Oded Balilty)

A protester holds a banner reading "Boycott Israeli apartheid" at Tony Blair's news conference in Beiru. September 10, 2006.

A British protester wear T- shirt against Tony Blair's at news conference in Ramallah. September 9, 2006. al-Hayat Newspaper

Palestinian students saluting the Palestinian flag on the new academic year during a teacher's strike protesting for non-payment of their salaries. September 2, 2006.

Israeli troops surrounded a house in the Balata refugee camp killing two Palestinian, August 29, 2006

Building destroyed in Nablus by Israeli forces.
Source: al-Quds 2006-08-27

France troops the coastal Lebanese town of Naqura. to help police a fragile ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah fighters 26 August 2006
Source: Agencies

Palestinian citizen watch their home after being destroyed by Israeli air bombs. Aug 22, 2006

Unexploded Cluster Israeli Bombs Prompt Fear and Fury in Returning Lebanese Refugees. August 20, 2006

Israeli destroyed tanks at south Lebanon. August16, 2006

Israeli troops advance inside south Lebanon in an expanded ground campaign. August 10, 2006

Israeli bombs on a civilian neighborhood in Beirut. August 8, 2006

Second Qana Massacres. South Lebanon July 30 2006

A photograph of a Lebanese girl is seen in the rubble of a mosque that was hit in an Israeli missile strike in the village of Qana, southern Lebanon, July 31, 2006. At least 56 residents of the village were killed when Israeli warplanes attacked the village on July 30, 2006.
Photographer: Kevin Frayer

Israeli machines drags a Palestinian house in Gaza. July 27, 2006

Destruction of civilian neighborhood in Beirut after Israeli shelling. 21, July 2006

Beirut International Airport burning after being shelled by the Israeli military. July 14 2006

Palestinians inspecting a bridge destroyed by Israeli army warplanes in the northern Gaza Strip, June 28, 2006. (MaanImages/Wesam Saleh)

Palestinian electricity workers extinguish a fire inside the headquarters of the main electricity company in the Gaza Strip after it was attacked by an Israeli missile during air strikes over the city, June 28, 2006. (MaanImages/Wesam Saleh)

Gaza- Ramllah, Prime Minister nominee Ismail Hanieh join first sit of the new PLC. and the lower picture members raise hands during the same sit. Alquds newspaper 6 March, 2006.

Hebron- An old woman trying to prevent her son from arresting, during Demonstration of objection the separation wall. Alquds Newspaper 23 April, 2006.

BeirZet- Students from BZ University beat Israeli soldiers in stones, after Israeli soldiers trying to breaking in University anathema. Alquds Newspaper 20 April, 2006.

Nablus- An old women jump earth barrier while trying to get out the city. Alquds newspaper 19 April, 2006.

Demonstration of objection on the Europe Union decision stop fund Palestinian government with Hamas leadership. Alquds newspaper 12 April, 2006.

Nablus - Group of Israeli machines leaves the city after searching operation for Palestinian activist. Alquds Newspaper 11 April, 2006.

Child waiting with her mother near Hawarah military barrier. Al-quds Newspaper 9 April, 2006.

Prime Ministre Ismael Hanieh Attend first government meeting. Alquds Newspaper 5 April, 2006.

Jericho- Israeli soldiers halter hands and blindfold leader of PFLP Ahmad Saadat and his friends after arrest them in the end of military operation. Alquds newspaper 14 March, 2006.

Nazareth- Patriarch Michel Sabah and religion people Christian and Muslims move in the beginning of objection of attack on Bishara temple by three excessive Jewish. Alquds newspaper 4 March, 2006.

Gaza- people watching car fired after shoot by Israeli air force rocket, who's kill Jihad military leader Khaled Dahdoh. Alquds newspaper 1 March, 2006.

President Mahmmoud Abbas hand Mr. Ismael Hanieh formation government letter. Al-quds newspaper 22 Feb, 2006.

First gathering for the Palestinian Legislative Council. Al-quds newspaper 19 Feb, 2006. Al-quds newspaper 19 Feb, 2006.

People Pray Friday praying outside wall of the old Jerusalem city after barring from Israeli soldiers from entering Al-aqsa Mosque. Al-quds newspaper 17 Feb, 2006.

Demonstration in front of supreme court in Israel during its conversation about Mamn Allah cemetery. Al-quds newspaper 16 Feb, 2006.

People trying to cover after Israeli soldiers shot tearful gas during objections in Damascus gate. Al-quds newspaper 12 Feb, 2006.

People fire Denmark flag in the Aqsa Mosque after Friday pray, objection on the harmful character for the Profit Mohammed. Al-quds newspaper 3 Feb, 2006.

President Mahmmoud Abbas vote for the Legislative Palestinian Election. 26 Jan, 2006.

Former President Jimmy Carter Visiting Election station for the Legislative Palestinian Election. 25 Jan, 2006.

Ble'in- Ramllah, Israeli Soldiers fight with people and peace activists during objection demonstration against the seperation wall. 20 Jan, 2006.